Welcome to West Union Gardens

West Union Gardens is a family farm near Hillsboro, Oregon, which is open to the public during Oregon's bountiful berry season. We raise dozens of varieties of berries for u-pickers and for sale already picked in our farm stand.

Update - transition week

We are getting past the peak of the early July berries, and looking forward to some of the late favorites.

For u-picking today:

Red, black, & white currants - still plentiful

Silvan & Wild Treasure blackberries, boysenberries - open for light picking

Summer raspberries are also winding down. If you don't get enough "summer" raspberries, you should plan on coming in late August and September for the "fall" varieties!

Gooseberries, tayberries & loganberries - almost gone for the season

Blueberries - we have later varieties, some of which might be ready by the weekend or early next week. Check back for their status.

Triple Crown blackberries - possibly ready by early next week, please check again

Please bring containers for your picking if you can -- thanks!

In the farmstand - currants, just a few Marions & Silvans this morning, rhubarb, cucumbers, green beans, freshly dug garlic, zucchini, and local honey!

For more info, call us at 503-645-1592. If you get a recording, leave a message and we'll call you back asap.

20 July 2017